What is ARISE?

 ARISE Together in Christ is a RENEW parish-wide program inviting people to new ways of understanding their faith and themselves. 

What does ARISE consist of?

 ARISE is a small group faith sharing process, which will take place during Fall 2018 and will alternate during Fall and Lent seasons for 3 years. Each session is designed to open all participants to the rich message that is proclaimed and celebrated on each of the Sundays of Lent and Passion Sunday.   

How large do the small groups need to be and what is the duration?

 Groups can be anywhere from 8-12 members and will last 90 minutes per session. 

What are the fruits of ARISE?


  • Sharing and witnessing to the Word of God in Sacred Scripture
  • Developing vibrant communities of faith and service
  • Forging deeper relationships among parishioners and across diverse ethnic groups
  • Providing a concrete and practical means of evangelization

What are the seasonal themes?

  ARISE consists of 5 seasons consisting of 6 weeks each. 

  • Fall 2018/Season One – Encountering Christ Today reflects on what it means to encounter Christ through faith sharing,
  • Lent 2019/Season Two – Change Our Hearts reflects on the central call of Ash Wednesday – to conversion, both as a “turning away from…” and as a “turning toward…,”
  • Fall 2019/ Season Three – In the Footsteps of Christ reflects on our fundamental belief that God in Christ chose to walk with us on our path through life and that the risen Christ now walks with us,
  • Lent 2020/Season Four – New Heart, New Spirit focuses on central themes of forgiveness and reconciliation, and
  • Fall 2020/ Season Five – We Are the Good News explores how we are called to be the Good News for other people. We see that evangelization is not something that we do; it is who we are as followers of Christ.

Book materials will need purchased for each season at the cost of $5 each for every member of the small group including facilitators.  


What are the different parish roles in the ARISE program?

 PARISH COORDINATOR - This is Wally Zapotoczny; he will lead and direct the parish program leadership, facilitators, and participants to register and participate in the ARISE program. The Parish Coordinator will also organize Sign Up events for each season of ARISE and also ensure that the sessions are progressing in accordance with program expectations.

PARISH TEAM - This team consists of the Pastor, Parish Coordinator, and parishioners that would like to assist with the administration of the program before and during each session. Current members of the Parish Team: Marie Bettwy, Mary Jo Fiore, Cathey Campbell, Peggy Curran, Fr. Dugan, and Wally Zapotoczny. We still need several parish team members. Parish team members will need to commit to attending routine training sessions locally.   

FACILITATOR - The facilitator is the small group leader and will lead, guide, and coordinate the weekly group discussions. Several facilitators are needed as we will have multiple small groups. Each group will contain 1-2 facilitators and you do not have to be part of the Parish Team to be a facilitator. The facilitator(s) will need to commit to attending a training session during the summer. More details to come.  

HOST - Our hosts open their homes to their group on a weekly basis. (A host does NOT have to be a facilitator).  

PARTICIPANT - Individuals in the parish that participate in the small groups. They will perform faith sharing activities within their small groups.